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Importing a flow

After opening an example, copy the JSON you will find at the bottom of the site.

In Node-RED, select Import > Clipboard from the menu (Ctrl-E). Paste the JSON flow and click Import button.


We love to receiving contributions from our community — you! Follow these guidelines to get your flow included in this documentation.

The first step is to export the flow you have created. In Node-RED, select the flow you want to export. Open Export > Clipboard from the menu (Ctrl-E) and copy the JSON from the dialogue.

We are using Node RED flows repository to share our flows.

  1. Click Add flow.
  2. Give your flow a short, descriptive title and describe what the flow does and how it is used.
  3. Paste the JSON flow you want to share.
  4. Add the tag NEM2.

After a while, your flow and your GitHub username will be included in this page.