NEM blockchain applied to supply chain

Start developing a real use case step by step.

In this workshop, you are going to work with a real use case: blockchain technology applied to supply chain. Discover NEM built-in features step by step, using them in an already existent application.

After completing the workshop, you will be able to:

  • Apply the NEM development cycle.
  • Develop applications using advanced NEM built-in features.


  • Developers (NEM competent)


Before starting the workshop, install the following packages:


Lab 1 - Running Catapult and project files

1. Introduction

2. Prepare your workstation

Lab 2 - Applying the NEM development cycle

3. Use case: Blockchain applied to supply chain

4. Scope definition

5. Authorization modeling

6. Data modeling

7. One possible solution

Lab 3 - Implementing the use case

8. Setup: Warehouse operator and safety seal

9. Registering products

10. Sending the safety seal

Lab 4 - Extending the use case

11. Adding a digital sensor

12. Adding another operator

13. Future work