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nem2-sdk for TypeScript and JavaScript

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The official nem2-sdk for TypeScript and JavaScript, available for browsers, mobile applications, and NodeJS, to work with the NEM2 (a.k.a Catapult)

Important Notes

Dragon Network Compatibility (catapult-server@

Due to a network upgrade with catapult-server@dragon version, it is recommended to use this package's 0.12.3 version and upwards to use this package with Dragon versioned networks.

The upgrade to this package's version v0.12.3 is mandatory for dragon compatibility.

Cow Network Compatibility (catapult-server@

version v0.11.6 is the latest locked version for cow compatibility.

Due to a network upgrade with catapult-server@cow version, transactions from Alpaca & Bison are not compatible with cow versioned networks.

Alpaca / Bison Network Compatibility (catapult-server@0.1 & 0.2)

To be able to use this package with Alpaca or Bison versioned network, you must use version v0.10.1-beta.

You can find the complete changelog here.



  • NodeJS 8.9.X
  • NodeJS 9.X.X
  • NodeJS 10.X.X


npm install nem2-sdk rxjs


Surf the NEM Developer Center to get started into NEM development. You will find self-paced guides and useful code snippets using the TypeScript/Javascript SDK.

To get the full description of the available classes and their functions, check the SDK reference.

Getting help

Use the following available resources to get help:


This project is developed and maintained by NEM Foundation. Contributions are welcome and appreciated. You can find nem2-sdk on GitHub.

Feel free to start an issue or create a pull request. Check CONTRIBUTING before start.

You can also find useful notes for developers under our documentation guidelines section.


Copyright (c) 2018-2019 NEM Licensed under the Apache License 2.0

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