Extending NEM capabilities

Aside from creating a heavy and full-featured SDK, we are developing a robust and lightweight one. Thanks to this SDK, different libraries can be developed for each standard, on top of NEM2-SDK, allowing higher and faster growth for NEM applications.

Developers could opt to create a standalone library to add more features into NEM. However, to become an accepted library, it should be proposed as a NIP.

NIP Library

The reason behind the NIP Repository is to ensure that the new library is reviewed, tested and shared among NEM developers. It allows a higher adoption compared to non-NIP libraries.

  • Accepted specification
  • At least one implementation that successfully passes the code review to ensure the code quality (security, performance, testing, …)
  • Projects using NIP libraries are compatible with third-party projects that implement/uses the same NIP Library.

non-NIP Library

Do you need to create a NIP to create a library? No, you don’t. In fact, we suggest not submitting a NIP until you build a library that improves the NEM blockchain and the different projects that use it. Since the library can be changed multiple times, developers should spend more time experimenting and learning, creating a specification later on.

Non-NIP libraries could become NIP Library.