Self-paced training

Although you can read this documentation from start to end, we recommend you to go directly to the section you want to know more. At the end of each section, you will find specific guides to understand how to use and combine the different built-in features.

If you prefer to learn about NEM through guided lessons, consider taking one course from the following list.


Title Description Target Active contributors
Getting started with NEM Catapult Build a decentralized blockchain app using Catapult. Developers (NEM novice) Craftain and NEM Foundation
Notarization of documents on NEM blockchain Learn how digital assets can be notarized in the blockchain. Developers (NEM advanced beginner) NEM Foundation
NEM applied to supply chain Start developing a real use case step by step. Developers (NEM competent) NEM Foundation

Adding a new course

We suggest reviewing our Curricular Framework and forking the NEM2-workshop-template.


The courses published in this section must be available online.

Once the course is complete, add it to this page by clicking the “Edit on Github” button at the top-right part of the screen.