Transfer Transaction

Transfer transactions are used to send mosaics between two accounts. They can hold a messages of length 1023 characters.


Alice sends 10 cat.currency to Bob


It is possible to send mosaics to any valid address even if the address has not previously participated in any transaction. If nobody owns the private key of the recipient’s account, the funds are most likely lost forever.




Configuration parameters are editable . Public network configuration may differ.


Announce a transfer transaction to send mosaics or messages between two accounts.

Version: 0x03

Entity type: 0x4154


Property Type Description
recipient 25 bytes (binary) The address of the recipient account.
messageSize uint16 The size of the attached message.
mosaicsCount uint8 The number of attached mosaics.
message array(byte, messageSize) The message type (0) and a payload of up to 1023 bytes.
mosaics array(UnresolvedMosaic, mosaicsCount) The different mosaic to be sent.