Namespaces allow you to create an on-chain unique place for your business and your assets on the NEM blockchain.

A namespace starts with a name that you choose, similar to an internet domain name. If one account creates a namespace, that will appear as unique in the NEM ecosystem.

After registering your namespace, you have the ability to define your own subdomains, as well as the names for your mosaics.


On the internet, a domain can have a sub-domain. In NEM, namespaces can have subnamespaces.

It is possible to create multiple subnamespaces with the same name (example: and, bar is the subnamespace/sub-domain).

Namespaces can have up to 3 levels, a namespace and its two levels of subnamespace domains.


Configuration parameters are editable . Public network configuration may differ.

Register namespace transaction

Announce a register namespace transaction to register and re-rent a namespace.



A namespace name must be unique and may have a maximum length of 64 characters.

Allowed characters are a, b, c, …, z, 0, 1, 2, …, 9, ‘, _ , -.

Parent namespace

If it is a subdomain, a reference to parent namespace name is required.


The public key of the namespace creator.

Renting duration

The renting duration represents the number of confirmed blocks we would like to rent our namespace for.

During the renting period, it is possible to extend the rental by sending a register namespace transaction with the extra-confirmed block to rent the namespace.

When a renting period ends, the namespace will become inactive.