Status Errors

This section describes the error messages that can be returned via status channel after announcing a transaction.


Configuration parameters are editable. Public network configuration may differ.

Error code Description
Failure_Core_Past_Deadline The deadline lies too far in the future. Deadlines are only allowed to lie up to 24 hours ahead.
Failure_Core_Future_Deadline The deadline lies in the past.
Failure_Core_Insufficient_Balance The account does not have enough funds.
Failure_Core_Timestamp_Too_Far_In_Future The timestamp of the entity lies too far in the future.
Failure_Core_Nemesis_Account_Signed_After_Nemesis_Block The supplied transaction has the nemesis account as the sender and cannot be included in a normal block.
Failure_Core_Wrong_Network The entity was rejected because it has the wrong network specified.
Failure_Core_Invalid_Address An account specified in the request is not valid.
Failure_Hash_Exists The hash of the entity already exists either in the cache or the database.
Failure_Signature_Not_Verifiable The signature of the entity failed upon verification.
Failure_Aggregate_Too_Many_Transactions The aggregate transaction exceeds the maximum number of inner transactions. An aggregate transaction can contain up to 1000 inner transactions.
Failure_Aggregate_No_Transactions The aggregate transaction does not contain any inner transactions.
Failure_Aggregate_Too_Many_Cosignatures The aggregate transaction contains too many cosignatories. The maximum number of cosignatories allowed is 15.
Failure_Aggregate_Redundant_Cosignatures The aggregate transaction contains the cosignature of the account who signed the transaction.
Failure_Aggregate_Ineligible_Cosigners The account who signed the aggregate transaction is not an eligible cosigner.
Failure_Aggregate_Missing_Cosigners The aggregate transaction was announced as complete but there are missing signatures.
Failure_Lock_Invalid_Hash_Algorithm The hash algorithm used is not defined.
Failure_Lock_Invalid_Mosaic_Id The locks funds transaction failed because locked mosaic is not XEM.
Failure_Lock_Invalid_Mosaic_Amount The amount of locked XEM is insufficient. The minimum amount is 10.
Failure_Lock_Hash_Exists The locks funds transaction failed because the hash of the aggregate transaction already exists either in the cache or in the database.
Failure_Lock_Hash_Does_Not_Exist The aggregate transaction failed because its hash has not been locked previously.
Failure_Lock_Hash_Not_Implemented The secret lock and the secret proof hash algorithm used is different.
Failure_Lock_Proof_Size_Out_Of_Bounds The proof length is invalid. It should be between 10 and 1000 bytes.
Failure_Lock_Secret_Mismatch The proof hashed does not equal to the secret.
Failure_Lock_Unknown_Secret The secret proof transaction specifies a secret that has not been found in the cache.
Failure_Lock_Inactive_Hash The aggregate bonded transaction has been sent after the secret lock funds transactions for this hash expired.
Failure_Lock_Inactive_Secret The secret proof transaction has been sent after the secret lock transaction expired.
Failure_Lock_Hash_Already_Used The lock funds transaction failed because the aggregate transaction hash has already been locked.
Failure_Lock_Secret_Already_Used The secret lock transaction failed because the hash has already been used.
Failure_Lock_Invalid_Duration Duration lies too far in the future or refers to past. Duration is allowed to lie up to N blocks in the future.
Failure_Multisig_Modify_Account_In_Both_Sets Adding and removing the same account in a single transaction is not possible.
Failure_Multisig_Modify_Multiple_Deletes It is not possible to remove multiple cosignatories at once.
Failure_Multisig_Modify_Redundant_Modifications The transaction tried to add the same cosignatory more than once.
Failure_Multisig_Modify_Unknown_Multisig_Account The multisig has not been created yet and the transaction includes a delete modification.
Failure_Multisig_Modify_Not_A_Cosigner The account who signed the transaction is not a cosignatory of the multisig account.
Failure_Multisig_Modify_Already_A_Cosigner A cosignatory added is already cosignatory of that multisig account.
Failure_Multisig_Modify_Min_Setting_Out_Of_Range Multisig modification parameters are negative and inferior to the number of cosignatories of the multisig.
Failure_Multisig_Modify_Min_Setting_Larger_Than_Num_Cosignatories It is not possible to set more required signatures than cosignatories has the multisig.
Failure_Multisig_Modify_Unsupported_Modification_Type The modification type is different than add (0) or remove (1).
Failure_Multisig_Modify_Max_Cosigned_Accounts An account cannot be cosignatory of more than 5 multisig accounts.
Failure_Multisig_Modify_Max_Cosigners A multisig account cannot have more than 10 cosignatories.
Failure_Multisig_Modify_Loop A multisig account cannot be cosignatory of itself. Neither an account can be turned into multisig having as cosignatory another multisig where the account is cosignatory.
Failure_Multisig_Modify_Max_Multisig_Depth The maximum depth of a multilevel multisig account is 3.
Failure_Multisig_Operation_Not_Permitted_By_Account A multisig account cannot be converted into a multisig account again.
Failure_Namespace_Invalid_Duration Duration lies too far in the future or refers to past. Duration is allowed to lie up to N blocks in the future.
Failure_Mosaic_Invalid_Duration Duration lies too far in the future or refers to past. Duration is allowed to lie up to N blocks in the future.
Failure_Namespace_Invalid_Name The namespace name is invalid. See namespace.
Failure_Mosaic_Invalid_Name The name for the mosaic is invalid. See mosaics.
Failure_Namespace_Expired Validation failed because the namespace has expired.
Failure_Mosaic_Expired Validation failed because the mosaic has expired.
Failure_Namespace_Owner_Conflict The signer of the transaction is not the owner of the namespace.
Failure_Mosaic_Owner_Conflict The signer of the transaction is not the owner of the mosaic.
Failure_Namespace_Invalid_Namespace_Type The namespace type is different than rootnamespace (0) or subnamesapce (1).
Failure_Namespace_Root_Name_Reserved Certain strings are reserved and thus not allowed as namespace parts.
Failure_Namespace_Too_Deep Namespaces can have up to 3 levels.
Failure_Namespace_Parent_Unknown The provided parent namespace is unknown.
Failure_Namespace_Already_Exists The namespace already exists.
Failure_Namespace_Eternal_After_Nemesis_Block The namespace duration is set to 0.
Failure_Mosaic_Invalid_Property Transaction payload is invalid as it contains invalid property.
Failure_Mosaic_Invalid_Flags Transaction payload is invalid as it contains an invalid flag.
Failure_Mosaic_Invalid_Divisibility The specified divisibility is greater than 6 or negative.
Failure_Mosaic_Invalid_Supply_Change_Direction The supply change direction is different than decrease (0) or increase (1).
Failure_Mosaic_Invalid_Supply_Change_Amount The provided supply change amount is not greater than 0.
Failure_Mosaic_Name_Reserved Certain strings are reserved and thus not allowed as mosaic parts.
Failure_Mosaic_Modification_No_Changes Mosaic modification transaction did not alter the mosaic as it has the same definition.
Failure_Mosaic_Supply_Immutable Validation failed because the mosaic supply is immutable.
Failure_Mosaic_Supply_Negative Validation failed because the resulting mosaic supply would be negative.
Failure_Mosaic_Supply_Exceeded The provided mosaic supply is not in the range of 0 and
Failure_Mosaic_Non_Transferable Only the creator of the mosaic is eligible to be the recipient of a non-transferable mosaic once transferred.
Failure_Transfer_Message_Too_Large The message for the transaction exceeds the limit of 1024 bytes.
Failure_Transfer_Out_Of_Order_Mosaics Mosaics on a transfer transaction should be ordered by id value.